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mats & neo founders



Based in Stuttgart, mats & neo is a contemporary children’s brand

dedicated to developing educational, kind, timeless and well-made products based on the principles of graphic design and architecture.

As new parents with these creative backgrounds, we profoundly believe that we are moving towards a future of consuming and living with less, but better quality and we want to model that for our children.

Our designs look beyond trend-driven aesthetics and aim to last for a long time. 


We are Anni and Tara the mothers of Mats and Neo. In 2021 during our joined parental leave the idea of mats & neo was born. From the beginning, our design philosophy has always put our children first. We want to create a colourful, fun, loving and adventurous world for them. 

We attach great importance to the longevity of our designs and hope they will find a beautiful place in your home. Please take good care of your items and pass them on to the next design loving family you know. 


Welcome to the little big world of mats & neo.

mats & neo
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